Blast Off From Ghent

View the script –  Blast Off From Ghent

When a sparkling new Christeyns tanker is locked and loaded for delivery, it leaves site and goes to amazing places that nobody thought possible. 

To have what you’ve never had, you have to do what you’ve never done; a direct incentive to move away from a competitor and take league with an emerging giant. This short film places a confident marker and encourages positive change.

Acknowledging key threads that the existing big four are performing well, that the film needs to feel truly international, and that Christeyns need to so something to stand out, this film answers the call. Will the client answer theirs? This film certainly pushes the envelope.

The sky is no limit. Demonstrating efficiency, modernity, speed and boasting a real WOW factor, Chritsyens deliver all over Europe and are steering a course as leaders and inspirers who are destined for big things. Get on board. The Christeyns ship is really taking flight.