Video marketing scripts

Is it viral yet?

Story and theme are placed firmly in the centre. We find the human truth and the message at the core of your marketing video idea, and we use time wisely to ensure you communicate the right message in the right way with the right words.

We’re not afraid to use humour. Some of the most popular online or TV commercials are funny. If it fits with your brand and we can encourage a lightening, we will. And audiences love to be educated, so we help you find ways to inform and enlighten whilst delivering a memorable story.

Whether for an online or TV commercial, a documentary or short film , a good story takes us on a journey and offers fresh insight. Importantly, our audience is left with a lingering aftertaste and heightened emotive connection to your brand.

All scripts are supplied in industry format with detailed, compelling descriptions for online optimisation.

Video marekting script: Tend    Shotblast