Finding your brand’s voice

Tone of voice adds personality. It can turn a faceless company into a group of real people with a unique way of doing things. Communicating your messages with a confidence that will develop familiarity and trust, in a way that rings true.

We can help your websites, social media sharing, emails, packaging, advertising and marketing materials say the right things in the right way.

A good tone of voice will express distinctive human values and allude to your USP – if you have one. What do you do differently from A.N. Other or Ian F Normalcakes and Sons? Is it important for you to lean towards a more formal vocabulary, or do you swerve west and wax lyrical? Does The Word Dog refer to oneself as a pronoun or do I speak directly to you through the wall of this screen? Are you using slang or are we talking in received pronunciation? Are you funny or deadly serious?

Whatever your tone of voice, we can define and refine it. Capturing your very essence to tell true stories with beginnings, middles and ends. Articulating the heroes and the human themes because that’s what makes stories memorable, bringing us back to them time and time again.

Beyond creation and development, we create a Tone Of Voice Guide, so that everyone internally gets the brief.

Tone of voice: Found For Words