In or out?

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Seeking an edgier, informal tone, this piece feels like freely delivered speech. It’s no coincidence that this relaxed, non-scripted style replicates the Blueberry Marketing way. We’ve embodied their ethos because people buy from people.

In or out?

Should I manage my own telemarketing team, or should I use an external telemarketing specialist?

We cover the questions you need to ask to make the right decision for your business.

Most businesses use telemarketing in some form. Whether this is executed in-house or through an external agency is up for debate. What’s best for your business? Read some of the commonly asked before making your decision.

What is better financially?
Per day, outsourcing appears more expensive. But it’s a fixed cost. Look at the overheads. What are your commitments to an internal employee or team? What equipment do they need? What software tools and licences will you need to subscribe to? What are your HR considerations?

Is this a long-term commitment?
If telemarketing is a vital, ongoing need of your business, then maybe managing an in-house team is better for you. Is this something you’re trying out? Is this something that you’ll compare to the cost of an outsourced campaign? A trial? What happens in eight months if this isn’t right for you or priorities change? All these questions need to be considered. Remember, with an outsourced campaign, it’s possible to be flexible.

What reports and analysis will be produced?
An outsourced agency collect data, offer detailed analysis and should have an experienced, professional approach to quantifiable statistics so you can measure the success of your campaign. How will you report? Will your reports compete with the information provided from your agency? Can you effectively create, collect, analyse and act on data with the same efficiency and insight?

Are your systems and CRM tools set up for maximum ROI?
Making phone calls is one thing. Do you have the systems in place to properly nurture and progress warm prospects to a close? What are the set-up costs of in-house CRM? Do your staff know how to use it properly? Who will provide the training? What are the training costs? What if the CRM parameters need to be amended to suit the way you work?

How will you schedule call-backs and keep on top of renewal dates?
Following on from above. The best results are found in the latter stages of a campaign. Are all of your leads being funneled into the proper places? Are they visible? Who is managing this? If a £2million contract is up for renewal in September, are you making contact in April to initiate the process?

Do you have the internal skill-set?
Do you know what to look for in a telemarketer? They are a specific breed. Do you have the right people in-house? If you’re sourcing telemarketers from a recruiter, what are the fees? Do you need a recruitment drive? Can you ensure the resources to maintain the steady flow of quality leads that your business needs?

Do your managers have the time?
Keeping on top of a telemarketing campaign is time-consuming and requires effort and energy. If this is a new project for you, are your managers ready for this new responsibility? What will be the impact to your business internally and how will other roles be affected?

Can you motivate your staff in this environment?
Do you have the internal culture suitable for the task at hand? Upbeat, motivated, targeted and spirited telemarketers are de-motivated in an office environment where nobody else appears to be working as hard as them. Do you have a level of buoyancy within your workplace to support an outbound calling team? Will an outbound team be disruptive to your current work environment?

Are your internal telemarketers specifically trained to spot sales opportunities?
Good telemarketers are in a constant state of growth and development specific to the task of identifying opportunity and nurturing prospects. Mixed with Administrators, Personnel, Operations staff and Brach Managers, the specific task of a telemarketer can be under-valued, suffer from mission-drift or be lost completely.

Can we maintain the call volumes?
Can you maintain 100 calls per day, every day, on an ongoing basis? As much as telemarketing is a craft, it is also a numbers game and without the call volumes, the frequency and gross value of sales can soon drop off.

In-house or outsourced?
Take your time. Consider the implications. We’ve highlighted some of the common questions. Now consider what will work for your business.