Written for Unite and published in their Bread and Roses anthology.


Credit to Karen at the wheel of the bus.
First familiar face.
Society steward.
The merry spirit of our morn commute;
inspiring smiles beyond the route.

Gratitude for Gregor; escalator engineer.
Vertically vital
for the flow of folk.
The unsung hero of our rise to work
lifting financier, retailer, admin clerk.

A bow to Brendan, our train trolley dolly.
Eternally chirpy.
Light on the line.
The welcome treat passing through the aisle
with a wink, a joke, no change and a smile.

Praise for Patricia, mental health nurse.
Compassionate. Key.
Curing. Assuring.
Doing for others what others cannot.
Selflessly bettering the nation’s lot.

A tribute for Tony, assembly plant technician.
Cup ‘o’ tea. Competent.
Dependable. Driven.
Producing, as efficiently as he is able.
Bringing investment to the country’s table.

The drivers
The lifters
The healers
The makers

The strivers
The shifters
The wheelers
The bakers

Appreciation for us, the extra-ordinary.
The pillars. The Props.
The buck as it stops.

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