Screenplay adaption and editing

Understanding the driving action of your main characters, and their contribution to the ultimate theme, is the first insight we need to begin. From here we can interpret the story world, character developments to catharsis (or not), core conflicts, plot elements and visual or other motifs.

Screenplay adaption service

Refining 100,000 words to less than 20,000 means focus, empathy, clarity, showing and not telling, and a deep understanding of the emotional points. We get to the nitty-gritty, keep it clear, structured, well-paced and in perfect format for the industry. Offer us full creative control, or let’s work in close collaboration.

Screenplay editing service

Addressing that plot flaw, restructuring, subtle character tweaks, ideas for new arcs or an injection of dazzling dialect. A new light shining on your script from out of the dark may just unravel an extra pearl from the depths.

Screenplay: Red Moon