The diary and journal of Chloe Westerman

Feeling feminine.

Re-emerging into conscious after my luxurious, long, morning meditation, I begin to hear the birds outside. I love Sundays. The sun has not yet risen but there is a low, hazy glow over the horizon like the headlights of a distant friend’s car behind a foggy brow. Sitting still I feel blessed to be afforded the time and space for my practices and for the wonderful life that I have. Spirit knows that I’m awake and he’s getting excited. His nose sniffs under the bedroom door behind me and I smile. He won’t bark because he knows not to disturb me but his excitement seeps an involuntary whimper. There’s the sound of a mug on the kitchen surface downstairs. Mum’s preparing a hot lemon water. Spirit’s happy tail knocks on the door as he runs to help. He’ll be back upstairs in a minute.

Good morning wonderful world. Thank you for this day. Thank you for my wonderful caring mum and thank you for Spirit.

A slight apprehension is present for me today because I leave tomorrow. I haven’t spent this long away from Mum since Dad died. Mum is nervous; the way she has been fussing, double-checking flight details, watching the weather. She’s even snapped at Spirit a couple of times and that’s completely out of character.  I have to re-assure her today that I’m prepared for the trip and that Richie and George will also be there to look after me.  A walk in nature will do us a lot of good today.